On-Demand Telephone Interpreters

Easy To Use!

A professional interpreter can be hard to find. Interpreter.com will provide one for you with one convenient phone call.

Pinless Dialing

No need to dial long numbers when you have pinless dialing

Mobile App

We have mobile apps on iTunes to be make it even more convient

Use Any Phone

Use any phone such as offices, cell phones, pay phones, and more

On Demand 24/7

Our interpreters are available on demand around the clock, 24/7

Within Seconds

Connect to a live interpreter within seconds. No long waits

Global Accessibility

Access our interpreter from anywhere in the world

Our Interpreters

We cover over 99% of the world’s languages! Link to all languages. Accredited University guarantees extensive interpreter testing and training.

Secure conversations! Reliable and confidential conversations. Read our interpreter’s code of ethics. Accredited, certified interpreters support medical and legal proceedings.

California Council for Quality and Services’ “Gold” Eureka Award and the California Healthcare Interpreting Association (CHIA) Award Fully responsive even when emergency situations cause a sudden surge in demand.

No Commitments

Control costs with one low flat prepaid rate without any subscriptions or long term contracts. No need to cancel your existing long distance provider to use our service. There are never cancellation fees or deactivation fees. One Rate, 24/7, No time or day restrictions. No more bills sent in the mail. There are no monthly service fees or additional fees outside of your selected minutes.