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Connect to the world and break through any language barrier Connect to a personal interpreter by phone at your convenience, 24/7. Our pinless service makes it quick and easy to connect to your interpreter!

You Understand, and So Do We...

A Minor Verbal Misstep Can Become a Major Financial Fiasco!

If, like so many other financial organizations, more of your customers are limited English speakers, you should know that interpreters are trained in financial terms, concepts and procedures.

So, not only are they some of the finest in our business of professional telephone interpretation, they also know just how important accuracy, neutrality and confidentiality are to you and to your valued customers.

“…once we remove the barrier to understanding, loyalty increases.”

That’s why more U.S. financial firms trust with their limited English speaking customers to:

  • Open new accounts
  • Resolve credit card problems
  • Purchase stocks & mutual funds
  • Enhance sales to ethnic markets
  • Increase collection effectiveness
  • Report stolen credit cards
  • Process loan applications
  • Provide home buyer education
  • Produce credit reports… and
  • Communicate with international business partners

All you need is a phone and to turn any language encounter into a bridge of understanding.

Available 24 hours a day, every day of the year… it’s so fast and convenient, you and your limited English speaking customer can be connected with a professional interpreter, on average, in just 25 seconds or less.

“…in today’s competitive environment, people want personalized, customized service.”

For over 25 years, has provided over-the-phone interpretation in more than 170 languages to help financial institutions communicate with their customers of all languages.

Make your language services provider.

When you do…

  • You will enhance your company’s relationship with limited English speaking customers
  • You will improve customer satisfaction and retention
  • You will set yourself apart from your competitors and…

NOTE: Comply with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley and OCC requirements… by using interpreters who adhere to the most stringent training and confidentiality procedures in the industry.

The World is Getting Smaller…

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